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Firefighter George & Today's Mighty Trains Kids DVD - $10.95

The folks at Start Smarter continue to win awards for their Firefighter George series: Dr. Toy and the Institute for Childhood Resources recently named "Today’s Mighty Trains" one of the 10 Best Children’s Products of the Year. That’s an understatement. Firefighter George is joined by Firefighter Christy as they introduce a group of junior engineers to modern railroading. The kids learn about diesel-electric locomotives and the different types of freight cars, and watch the engineer at work. Then they observe the operator in an electric transit vehicle — and learn to watch out for the third rail. The firefighters also take the kids for a visit to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train, and on an Amtrak train — including inside the kitchen. More than anything, the video teaches kids to expect the unexpected and stay a safe distance away. This is easily the most intelligent approach to introducing kids to trains that I’ve seen. — Kathi Kube --Not Rated, Color, Approx Run Time- 42 Mins.

Zoboomafoo™ Animal Kids - CD - $4.95

Zoboomafoo™ is the first wildlife series created especially with preschoolers in mind. Real life "creature adventurers" Chris and Martin Kratt join with a friendly lemur, Zoboomafoo, to host a lively group of animal friends in their adventure outpost "Animal Junction."In Animal Kids, your child will join Zoboomafoo and Martin as they look after a group of animal kids visiting Animal Junction. They'll have a great time helping Zoboo and the Kratts look after these cute little creatures while they discover interesting facts about the animals. There are ten fun and educational games the kids will play that will help them expand critical thinking and animal knowledge.

Spy Kids™ The Man in the Moon 2-CD set - $5.25

The Spy Kids™ are on a new mission, and they need your help! High above Earth, agents are missing as an evil genius plots to rule the world! The Spy Kids™ must rocket through outer space to stop...The Man in the Moon! Features: Three levels of interactive play, 8 exciting and educational activities, printable 32-page puzzle book that integrates with the CD-ROM game, and Never-before-seen footage from Spy Kids™ 2 and Spy Kids™ 3-D. Skills Taught: Planning and decision-making, Strategic thinking, Problem-solving, Trial and error, Geometry, Reading, and Math.

Toucanz Trail: Obstacle Adventure Fitness for Kids DVD - $6.95

This energizing and fun video program leads kids through imaginary obstacle course challenges like rope climbing and log hopping with kids demonstrating moves. Video clips of outside obstacle course challenges and a bonus segment showing kids how to create an obstacle course link the indoor program to the outdoors and encourage creativity and activity. The indoor class keeps kids’ attention and they love building their own obstacle courses outside. –---Color, Not Rated, Approx Run Time- 40 mins.

Kids Spanish - Jewel Case - $5.95

This program is specially designed for kids to help them learn Spanish featuring the basics of child’s play. Covers all the basics: the alphabet, counting, dates, telling time, weather and more. Children also will learn simple phrases such as asking for help, greeting people, apologizing and attracting someone’s attention courteously- all the phrasing a child will need when traveling in a Spanish-language speaking country.

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe - CD - $3.95

Kid Pix Studio Deluxe gives kids access to six unique painting, drawing, and animation projects. It empowers kids and encourages them to develop their creative and artistic skills. With wacky tools, 2,500 stamps, over 1,200 graphics, cool sounds, special effects and much more, kids have all the fun tools they need to explore their creativity!

Cyberchase™ Castleblanca Quest - CD - $4.95

Brainpower to the Rescue! Monsters, vampires and mummies need their gloomy weather in Castleblanca. Hacker has stolen their gloomy weather chip and has flooded the site with sunshine. You must build a device large enough to cast a shadow and recover the chip. Join the Cyberchase squad as they use problem solving and estimation to collect the parts needed to build the device and restore gloomy weather in Castleblanca!Features: eight activities, video footage, full screen animation, and tracking feature allows parents to monitor progress. Two modes of play: adventure and practice. Three levels of difficulty. Skills Developed: Strategic Thinking, Approximation, Spatial Reasoning, Trial and Error, Problem Solving, Planning and Decision Making. The kids learn that math is fun, it's about problem solving, and boy does it come in handy!

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