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Webster's College Profiles 2005 - CD - $4.95

College Profiles 2005 features in-depth college profiles on over 1800 colleges and universities with information about academic programs, athletics, expenses, and much more. You can simply choose the state you are interested in by clicking on the map, or fine tune the search with other options such as 2-year or 4-year, public or private, Christian schools or institutions, or a particular athletic program. Most importantly, you can enter the major that is of particular interest to you. You can also find Applications, links to the College Websites, and request for more information on many of the colleges in this power packed CD-ROM.

Rand McNally StreetFinder 3CD Set - $4.95

Quick jaunt across town? Meeting a new client on her home turf? Let Rand McNally StreetFinder Travel Navigation Software connect the dots between origin and destination with the ultimate in user-friendly mapping software. On byways or boulevards, use StreetFinder to get you from A to B quickly and accurately, utilizing powerful search and customizing tools for your personal mapping. Ideal for pedestrians and motorists, StreetFinder lists over one million businesses and services, and easily locates municipalities, specific addresses, even road intersections with a few taps of your keyboard. The Trip Organizer feature keeps track of your daily schedule, airline and lodging reservations, and travel expenses, too--making Rand McNally StreetFinder Travel Navigation Software your green light to hassle-free navigation and organization. For years, Rand McNally has been a leading name in mapping accuracy. Now you can bring America's indispensable travel authority close to home with Rand McNally StreetFinder Travel Navigation Software, the 3-CD-ROM suite of address-to-address* travel tools. As indispensable for neighborhood errands as for out-of-town business treks, StreetFinder Travel Navigation Software lives up to its name, providing over 1,000,000 points-of-interest listings, as well as customized directions for detailed travel on freeways, arterials, and local streets. And with an array of bonus features allowing you to map pedestrian routes, as well as to log schedules, reservations, and expenses for motor trips, the shortest distance between two points begins with Rand McNally StreetFinder Travel Navigation Software. * Requires active Internet access From America's travel authority: Complete address-to-address directions* by place name, number, or intersection 1,000,000+ points-of-interest listings with address and phone number Trip Organizer records appointments, reservations, and expenses Detailed, updated street maps Complete airport diagrams Global Positioning System (GPS) support

World Book Encyclopedia 2004 - 3CD Set - $5.45

Over 8 decades of reference excellence for the student of today! With over 86 years of experience and a global reputation for unsurpassed excellence, World Book is firmly established as the premier reference source for students, parents, teachers, and librarians. Now, the #1 name in reliability and accuracy continues its legacy with the World Book 2004 Deluxe Edition, the student-friendly version of this award-winning reference resource. With thousands of articles spanning historical and current events from the rise of the Ottoman Empire to the fall of the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, World Book 2004 Deluxe Edition provides hundreds of maps, tables, and illustrations that will bring your child's homework, school reports, and research papers to life.

Webster's Multimedia Horses: Equine Resource - CD - $3.95

A Multimedia Journey To the World of Horses Over 100 horse breeds, including the popular Arabian and Clydesdale, as well as several rare breeds such as Przewalski's Horse. "Corral" search engine enables user to find the ideal horse breed based on eight criteria, such as temperament, size, versatility and more. Interactive "Fun Room" with quizzes, morphs, games, a movie theater and a photo gallery. "Hitching Post" allows for easy navigation. Features: * Ride on a journey through the fascinating world of horses. * Featuring 101 different breeds * Packed with history, games and fun facts * Use the "Corral" feature to find the ideal horse that you would like to saddle up with * Learn tips and techniques for caring for your horse from training professionals

The Merriam Webster Dictionary, with 70,000+ Words - CD - $4.95

The Easy To Use Powerful Reference Tool! Very nice if you don't want your kids searching all over the internet. A powerful electronic version of America's best-selling language reference that delivers accurate information while word processing, composing e-mail, designing spreadsheets, preparing presentations, browsing CD-ROM's, or surfing the Web. A handy, reliable, and authoritative dictionary of the words most frequently used in English. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus includes more than 70,000 clear, concise definitions, as well as a pronunciation guide, word origins, and usage examples.

Earth Quest 1.1 CD - $4.95

Bring the geological world into your classroom with comprehensive information about rocks, minerals, and the geophysical forces that shape our world. Students can create a 3D volcano, or set off an earthquake and watch its seismic effect on the surrounding environment. Students can even witness transformations of the earth's surface in an accelerated timeline. Photographs, audio, video and text all combine to provide a comprehensive geological reference source.Features: 50 Animations and 200 samples of rocks, minerals and gems.

Where In The USA Is Carmen Sandiego? - CD - $4.95

Travel throughout the USA to gather information and solve cases for school. Kids experience America's cultural and geographic diversity firsthand as they travel to 51 U.S.A. cities and learn interesting facts about each state's geography, history, and people. To solve cases or gather information for school assignments, a rich electronic database is included, featuring narrated video clips, regional music, maps, and comprehensive essays. Get on the case! The United States has lost Lincoln's Log Cabin, Seattle's Space Needle, and the Continental Divide. As a detective, your job is to interrogate informants, track clues, and arrest the thief before your battery meter runs out! EDUCATIONAL FEATURES: Knowledge of U.S. geography Almanac Reference Skills Electronic Database Research Skills Reading and Vocabulary Development Deductive Reasoning and Map Reading Screen Shot Version 3.5, Copyright 1999

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