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Laser Products

    Portable 5mW Purple Beam Laser Pen - 5000 Hour Lifespan, Constant Output, Continuous Wave Mode, 2x AAA Batteries - $5.37

    This exceptionally affordable 5mW Purple laser beams out light at 405nm and uses only two AAA batteries. With a continuous output it’s a must have for any presentations, lectures or demonstrations.

    5mW Purple Beam Laser Pen

    This stylish pen is made from copper and houses a powerful light that emits a 405nm wavelength laser beam for pinpointing details on a map, blackboard, projected image or just for confusing everyone when playing laser tag. At only 163 by 14mm its small and also lightweight so you can keep it in your pocket, bag or briefcase. This indispensable tool makes teaching or presentations a breeze and you will look like the ultimate professional with effortless explanations and commanding attention. Step up with this for your next boardroom experience or lecture and really impress as all you key facts and data are taken in, ideal for any teachers, lectures, and true leaders.

    Laser Pen Safety

    The 5mW laser light that comes from this pen is perfectly safe as long as people’s eyes are not exposed to if for any time. Accidently having this light shone in the eyes should not cause any damage but care has to be taken when using this laser pen and deliberate or intentional exposure to the eyes should be avoided.. This affordable Purple laser pen is ideal for personal use, as a gift or for resale. This product is in stock now, we offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale Laser gadgets, Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    5mW Purple Laser

    Wavelength: 405 nm

    Strong built

    Operates in Continuous Wave Mode with Constant Output

    350mW RGB Laser Projector with RGB Color Animation - 2GB SD Card, ILDA, Custom Animations - $189.99

    Including a generous 2GB SD memory card, this 500mW RGB laser projector comes with full RGB color animation, ILDA and 128 pre-programmed animations. Ideal for playing animations or lasers in sync with the music system in bars, nightclubs, parties, raves, pubs or home. Featuring a full range of functions including; sound active, auto beam, auto animation and SD control, this laser show system is great value. Its 10k scanner capabilities mean it will function at high speed, allowing for an amazing laser show!

    Also featuring custom laser show software, you can customize your own show. Simple to install and working in minutes, this laser show projector is ideal and will have your guests impressed and eager for more. Useful for commercial or private use, this laser projector is great for a weekend partygoer or even a qualified lighting technician looking for a great deal. Simply fix this to the ceiling or wall then align it into the correct position, with its handy rotational wall fix, making this laser projector adjustable and easily fixed into your venue!

    Its RGB function will allow you to project various patterns onto floors, walls, ceilings or any surface you need whilst synchronizing the lighting effects with your dance music. Leave this laser system on automatic or set it on sound activation mode, projecting either beam or laser animations.

    This 350mW RGB Laser Projector with Full Color Animation is in stock now and available at an incredible factory direct wholesale price from Chinavasion. So whatever you do, don't delay. Click on the 'Add to Cart' right now and let this professional high-tech laser project set the mood for your party.

    At a Glance...

    350 RGB Custom Animation Laser Show System with 2GB SD Card Featuring 10K Scanner

    Play Modes: Sound Active, Auto Beam, Auto Animation, SD Card Control

    RGB Gives a Fantastic Full Color Animation Laser Display

    128 Pre-Programmed Design Patterns

    Custom Laser Show Software Included

    Laser Projector (150mW) with Stereo Speakers and MP3 Player - $46.84

    Transform the atmosphere of your next party or DJ event with this laser projector with Hi-Fi Stereo Speakers and MP3 Player giving you the perfect all-in-one party gadget.

    The 150mW lasers in this machine are powerful enough to project bright red and green laser patterns up to 25 meters away! This is perfect for installation in any indoor location and a great addition if you want to throw your own house party or rave. The small and portable design also comes with a mounting bracket which allows it to be placed anywhere you want. However, this is only the beginning of what this cool device has to offer.

    Despite its small size, the sound produced by this device is quite impressive. That’s because the Hi-Fi stereo speakers are built using the latest high quality audio hardware from China. The result: detailed high range treble for excellent vocal clarity, great mid range quality for a well balanced and complete sound, and powerful bass that kicks hard and really lets you feel the music. In fact, the sound quality is so nice that you can use the device as a stand alone MP3 player and you won’t be disappointed.

    Choose from three display modes and sit back and watch as this laser show projector emitting hypnotic laser effects to amaze guests and customers. In automatic mode, the projector will constantly display unique and interesting laser pattern designs in a hot red and green color, and when set to sound activation mode, the music literally comes alive to the beat of the music. In 'still' mode the lasers do not move, but instead flash different patterns on the wall, giving you a visually pleasing strobe effect. Additionally this laser projector is convenient for any Event and designed with a very handy mounting bracket, which allows it to be mounted on walls and ceilings and is easily adjustable to be aimed at anywhere in the room for any occasion. It’s especially useful for parties, disco, balls, dances, raves, bars, nightclubs, or even your living room.

    This laser projector with MP3 and Hi-Fi speakers is in high demand so get your orders in now while supplies last. And don’t forget, this product comes with our famous 12 moth hassle free guarantee and is available for single piece or bulk orders.

    At a Glance...

    150mW laser show projector in a hot red and green color

    High quality and well balanced sound system with great bass

    Built in 1GB of memory to store and play hundreds of MP3 files

    Small and portable design with adjustable mounting bracket

    Installation not necessary- simply place on a flat surface

    Three modes: Automatic, still, or sound activated

    Comes with handy remote control

    Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard With Mouse And Bluetooth Speaker – Bluetooth 3.0, For Android + Windows - $46.60

    Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard With Mouse comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker and battery and is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows devices.

    Effortless Typing Wherever You Are

    Let’s admit it, these days we often tend to use our smartphones and tablets as computers and have come to expect them to demonstrate the same level of comfort and efficiency. However, as advanced as our handheld devices are, there are still a number of areas where they fall behind. While typing a short text or a Whatsapp message is quick and easy, trying to compose a lengthy work email on a smartphone is a formidable task, and an irritating one. But something is being done about it. A wireless laser light projection keyboard can be an easy and convenient solution to all your troubles and turn any Bluetooth enabled device into a standalone computer.

    How does it work?

    All you have to do is pair up the projection laser keyboard with you smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. You will then see a full QWERTY keyboard (250mm x 100mm) projected onto the surface in front of you, which you can use right away for any data entry. Sharp infrared laser-projected keys make the typing process effortless and the added mouse feature lets you control the cursor with natural movements, reducing the strain on your hands. Compatible with virtually any device with a Bluetooth function, you will be able to use the keyboard with Android, Windows and IOS with equal ease.

    The 'Wow' Factor

    A wireless laser projection Bluetooth keyboard is a practical and efficient data input solution, but it is also cool. A floating laser keyboard appearing out of nowhere at your command is something right out of a sci-fi movie. If you haven’t used a virtual projection keyboard before, it may take you some time to wrap your mind around the idea that it’s all technology and not magic. The device itself is just slightly bigger than a standard lighter and can be easily carried around in the back pocket. Once switched on, it will give you around two hours of operation time. If you get tired of typing, you can entertain yourself with some music or video watching, as the 'keyboard' can double as a Bluetooth speaker.

    At a Glance...

    Wireless Laser Projection Keyboard

    Keyboard Light Source: Red laser diode

    About 250mm x 100mm

    Bluetooth 3.0

    19mm sized QWERTY layout

    Multiple key stroke support

    Bluetooth Speaker

    All Bluetooth HID Compliant Mobile Device, Windows XP/WINDOWS 7 or Higher, IPad, IPhone, iOS4 or later, Android 3.1 or Higher, Mac OS X

    Laser Distance Measurer/Rangefinder - Measuring Range of 5-900 Meters, Measuring Accuracy +/- 1 Meter. - $125.26

    This Laser Distance Measurer, or Rangefinder, has a measuring range of 5 to 900 meters and a measuring accuracy +/-1 meter.

    Measuring Range of 5 to 900 Meters

    Due to the Laser Distance Measurer's huge range of 5 to 900 meters, you can use this laser measuring tool in many ways. Whether you're trying to spot the green during a round of golf, making judgments on a construction site, exploring a new city, playing paintball, going for a long hike, or watching a football match from the nosebleed section, this laser meter telescope can help you see from far away in an accurate manner.

    Measuring Accuracy +/-1 Meter

    How accurate? Well the Laser Distance Measurer has a measuring accuracy of +/-1M, giving you the right amount of accurary for a lot of things. If you want to be even more precise, this measuring tool also has a diopter adjustable range of +/-5 degrees. It's viewing angle is 7 degrees and it automatically powers off after 20 seconds of discontinuing use to save you power.

    In stock now, we guarantee that this Laser Distance Measurer can be dispatched within one working day with a 12 months warranty. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale Outdoor Gear, Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    Laser Distance Measurer


    Measuring Accuracy +/-1M

    Measuring range of 5 to 900M

    Programmable Laser Light Show System 'My Effect II' - Red, Green and Purple Laser, Custom Animations - $195.60

    Programmable Laser Projector with Red, Green and Purple laser beams, SD card slot and sensitivity control. Perfect for home parties, bars, stores, trade show booths or even nightclubs, the My Effect II laser is your semi professional laser show solution!

    The My Effect II laser light show offers over 100 preprogrammed patterns for you to choose from, including animals, dancing silhouettes, and moving geometric shapes. The included software of the My Effect II has been updates to now support JPG Pictures and can be used to create you company’s logo, slogan and customized moving image. This laser show is completely programmable and uses an SD card to store all its preprogrammed and customized animations.

    The separately moving lasers project each project a colored laser beam to create moving animations in Purple, Green and Red and a built-in microphone can pick up sound to make the laser beams dance to the music. Easily cycle through the different preset and custom made patterns using the revamped navigation buttons and LCD screen on the device itself. On top of that, installation couldn’t be easier. Just take the My Effect II laser out of the box, plug it in and you’ll be able to enjoy your own laser show!

    Use the My Effects II professional laser show for any occasion and impress your friends! Add it to cart now and we guarantee next day shipping and a 12 month warranty. Brought to you by the leader in laser gadgets – Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    Programmable Laser Show

    100 Pre Set Patterns

    Software for Animation Customization

    Support JPG Images

    100mW Red, 50mW Green, and 100mW Purple laser

    Mounting Bracket with Adjustable Angle


    SD Card Slot

    Digital Laser Measurer - 0.05 To 80 Meter Range, Carry Case, Wrist Strap, Built in Spirit Level, 1/4 Inch Tripod Thread - $55.86

    For all you measurement needs we are pleased to introduce this Digital Laser Measurer, which can be used from 0.05 to 80 meters. The quarter Inch Tripod Thread along with built in spirit level make it easy to gain accurate readings for distance, area and volumetric measurements which can be displayed in imperial or metric units.

    Digital Laser Measurements

    If you want accurate measurements they can be hard to get with a standard tape measure, especially if you have to climb ladders or reach hard to access areas. Well your troubles are over as this Laser Distance meter is just what’s required to make all your measurements a breeze. It’s accurate to within 2mm and weights very little at just over 100 grams. For ease of use it comes with its very own carrying case that slips easily onto a belt. To prevent against accidentally dropping the device this clever electron distance measurer even has its own wrist strap. You can make use of the built in spirit level to align your measurements for greater accuracy or attach it to a tripod or monopod for more stability when measuring. Ideal for surveying, real estate or a spot of DIY this laser distance meter is bound to fit the bill.

    Dust + Waterproof IP54 Rating

    A rugged device for outdoor use should be protected from the harsh environment and that's exactly why this laser distance meter has an IP54 rating. This lets you use it with confidence in harsh environments knowing that its protected from dust ingress and even water splashes.

    Simple button controls let you obtain volumetric, area and distance measurements with complete ease and to keep this gadget working for longer it has an auto power off function to prevent undue battery drain if its left on. Added to that is a power indication light to warn when the batteries are running out so you know in advance when they will need changing.

    This product is in stock now, we guarantee next working day shipping and offer a 12 months warranty on all our products. Brought to you by the leader in electronic devices and wholesale gadgets, Chinavasion.

    At a Glance...

    Measure Range: 0.5 to 80 Meters

    Accuracy to 2mm (0.079 inch)

    Built in Spirit Level

    1/4 Inch Tripod Thread

    IP 54 Dust + Splash Proof

Laser Products
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