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Italian Game and Evans Gambit - Pinski - $20.71

The Italian Game gives both White and Black the opportunity to play either aggressively and in gambit fashion, or in a restrained and positional manner. One of White's most exciting and attacking options is the legendary Evans Gambit, which has been brought back into the limelight in this modern era by such uncompromising players as World number one Garry Kasparov, Alexander Morozevich and England's Nigel Short.In this book, openings expert Jan Pinski investigates the different strategies and tactics in the Italian Game and Evans Gambit. Using model games for both White and Black, Pinski provides crucial coverage of both the main lines and offbeat variations. This book arms the reader with enough knowledge to play the Italian Game and Evans Gambit with confidence.Author International Master Jan Pinski is a young and talented player from Poland who is also well regarded as an openings expert. His earlier works for Everyman include The Four Knights and The Two Knights Defense.Features Written by well known opening theoretician A useful guide for club and tournament players alike All main lines are covered Specifications 160 Pages Paperback Publisher: Everyman Published: 2005 Notation: Figurative

Game Over: Kasparov and the Machine - $22.95

In May 1997 Gary Kasparov, widely regarded as the greatest chess player the world has ever seen, played Deep Blue - a hulking one and a half ton IBM supercomputer. As it played out in the media, this was a chess tournament and scientific experiment that would question our dominance as the most intelligent entity on the planet. Capturing people's imaginations, the outcome of this Man vs. Machine battle was stunning. To win the match, the computer did what many thought impossible at the time - it appeared to think like a human.CAST: Garry Kasparov (himself) Joel Benjamin (himself) Anatoli Karpov (himself) Terry Wogan (himself)Features: Director CommentaryPlay by play re-enactment of all 6 chess matches between Kasparov and Deep BlueKasparov's Bio Ubisoft CHESSMASTER 10TH EDITION demo 16x9 Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) 5.1 Dolby DigitalSpecifications:Over 8 hours of play (DVD-ROM)

Roman's Lab #54: Capitalizing on Your Opponents Weakness Created in the Game - $19.95

On this dvd Roman will help you recognize, exploit and capitalize on your opponents weakness also you will be able to avoid these mistakes in your own games.Features:How to play with Queens and opposite color BishopsStrategy of blocking weak squaresGood and bad Isolated PawnsPlaying the weak squares and how to exploit them Voluntary creating weaknessesCriteria to access a weaknessUsing Tactics to create weaknessSpecifications:Run time: 60+ minutesDVD

DGT Cube - The Game Clock for 2-6 players - $49.95

For games OTHER than chess!... This smart digital timing device creates new dynamics in any game up to 6 players. There are five basic timing systems. Within each timing system, different times can be allocated to different players!At the end of a player's turn, the CUBE is passed on to the next player by turning the color of the next player to the top. This stops the time of the last player and auto-starts the timing of the new player.During the game, timing can be stopped and restarted by using the pause button. Use this for example to solve a dispute by consulting the dictionary in Scrabble or to fight a battle in RISK. The optional buzzer makes it easy to notice the approaching time limits.SpecificationsDimensions: 2 5/8“ (cubed)Net weight appr. 6.2ozAccuracy: +/- 1 sec / hBattery: 2x LR44, 1.5V on avg lasts 1+ year1 year manufacturer warrantyExplanation of Timing SystemsSystem 1: Move TimerEach player gets a fixed amount of time for each turn. The time per turn can be set to anything between 1 second and 10 minutes and is reset after a turn is completed i.e. the players receive the same amount of time again for the next turn.System 2: Move Timer + SaveIf a player does not use all of the allocated time during his turn, the unused time is saved and added to the time available for the next turn. For example if a player has one minute for his or her move and completes the turn after thirty seconds, the remaining thirty seconds are automatically added as a bonus to the next turn and the player will have one minute and thirty seconds for the next turn.System 3: Count Down Game TimerA total time for the complete game is allocated to each player. The clock automatically starts and continues the count-down each time the player's color is turned to the top. If the time limit is reached i.e. the remaining time reaches zero, the clock continues in the count-up mode.System 4: Count Up Game TimerBy setting the CUBE to 0 hours and 00 minutes in the Game Timer Mode, the CUBE registers the total time used by a player for each turn and adds this time to the player's running total. The clock automatically starts and continues the count-up each time the player's color is turned to the top.System 5: Turn CounterBy setting the CUBE to 0 minutes and 00 seconds in the Move Timer Mode, the CUBE counts the number of moves for each player. Each time the player's color is turned to the top the counter adds one turn, for example signifying one extra point scored by the player.

Freddie Loses His Game - Clay - $11.95

A Wonderful Chapter Book About Learning to Be a Winner in Life.Freddie Pawn attends Chess Club at his chess-piece elementary school and becomes discouraged when he loses his chess game against Billy Bully Bishop. Meanwhile his friend, George Pawn, wins his game against Billy's brother, Bobby, further discouraging Freddie. To make matters worse, the Bully Bishop brothers love to tease Freddie. How will Freddie learn to overcome his losses and the constant teasing of the Bully Bishop brothers?Written By a Child AuthorThe author, Dorian Clay, was a 5th grader in elementary school when he started writing Freddie Loses His Game. By the time it was published, he was a 6th grader in middle school. His little brother, who was in kindergarten, when it was published, also contributed to the book. Both Dorian and his litte brother, Donovan, enjoy playing competitive chess and hope they can help other children discover how to be winners in life.Multi-media too!This book includes 15 videos of author, Dorian Clay, and his little brother, Donovan. Chapter book readers will be entertained and educated, as Dorian and Donovan explain the life lessons they have learned, including:What is losing?What is winning?How to deal with bullies?What is resilience?What is good sportsmanship?What are the chess pieces and how do they move? ...and much more.Specifications62 PagesPaperbackPublished: February, 2012

The Immortal Game: A History of Chess - Shenk - $14.00

Chess is the most enduring and universal game in history. Here, bestselling author David Shenk chronicles its intriguing saga, from ancient Persia to medieval Europe to the dens of Benjamin Franklin and Norman Schwarzkopf. Along the way, he examines a single legendary game that took place in London in 1851 between two masters of the time, and relays his own attempts to become as skilled as his Polish ancestor Samuel Rosenthal, a nineteenth-century champion. With its blend of cultural history and Shenks personal interest, The Immortal Game is a compelling guide for novices and aficionados alike.Author: David ShenkPaperback, Oct. 2, 2007Pages: 327

ChessBase Tutorials Openings 3: Queens Gambit & Queens Pawn Game (DVD) - $33.00

Every game starts with the opening - and sometimes it also ends there! But that need not happen. With ChessBase Tutorials you do not need to spend a lot of time to rapidly master things. “Openings # 03: Queen's Gambit and Queen's Pawn Games“ (1.d4 d5) is the third in a series of five volumes dealing with the fundamentals of opening play in chess. In it, experienced tournament players and experts in each specific opening will teach you what you absolutely have to know about the Slav, the Catalan, the Classical Queen's Gambit, the Chigorin Defence, and more. Which basic plans does each side follow? How are these put into operation and for which traps do you need to be on the lookout? In 24 video lectures with a total running time of over 5 hours, grandmasters Daniel King, Igor Stohl, Lars Schandorff and IMs Sam Collins and Valeri Lilov will acquaint you with the basics of the various systems and give you valuable recommendations as to what to play.System requirements: PC Windows XP (SP3), Vista or Windows 7, Windows Media Player and DVD-drive


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