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General Finishes Wood Stain - American Walnut - $8.99

General Finishes wood stains are made from the highest quality oils, resins, and pigments to ensure your finishing project will be an easy and rewarding experience.

Quikwood Epoxy Putty Stick - $10.99

The Woodworker's Dream! Repair, Rebuild, and Restore Anything Made of Wood.Quikwood is a remarkable polymer compound for instant wood repair. Easy-to-use: molds like clay, then dries like wood in 30 minutes. Also great for wood-to-wood and wood-to-metal bonding.Fill holes, scratches, gauges, cracks, dry rot and knot holesRepair furniture, molding and framesReshape woodcarvings, remold wood knobs and handlesCan be sculpted or carved for intricate detailInterior and exterior applicationsTechnical Details:No runs or mess! Specially formulated to be same density as wood.Can be sanded, drilled, shaped, painted, or stained. Will not shrink or crack once dryHand kneadable mixture contains no solvent. Non-Toxic.After 15-20 minutes the epoxy will begin to form a tenacious bondAfter just 60 minutes, Quikwood can be drilled, sawed, carved, sanded, stained, or painted.Ideal for fabricating and reshaping furniture legs, carvings, etc.Quikwood may be used in interior and exterior applications.Sanding of cured Quikwood is recommended prior to applying paint or stain.Quikwood may accept stain differently than wood, test before using.The unused portion of Quikwood will remain stable for years if stored in its container at room temperature.

Old Brown Glue - $8.99

If you've always wanted to try animal hide glue, but are put off by the thought of tending a hot, messy glue pot, then Old Brown Glue is the glue for you. Simply set the glue bottle in the sun, or in a bowl of hot water, and the glue is ready for use. Unlike chemical glues, Old Brown Glue is completely reversible, an essential trait when it comes time to repair your heirloom handmade chairs. It also boasts a very long open time, which takes the stress out of glueups. Just relax and enjoy the process - less stress means fewer mistakes. Old Brown Glue is manufactured in small batches in the USA with 100% natural and organic animal proteins. According to Old Brown Glue's developer Patrick Edwards, "The shop dogs chew on any glue that drips onto the floor. That's not a problem."Technical Details:As a liquid hide glue, Old Brown Glue is perfect for projects with long assembly times, such as chairs and cabinets.You can expect about 15 to as much as 45 minutes of working time with this glue, depending on the temperature of your shop, or the warmth of the wood you are gluing.Old Brown Glue is easy to clean up - just use cold water. Old Brown Glue also works very well for veneering.Made from high quality hide and bone glue modified with common urea. Non-toxic. Transparent to oils, alcohols and organic solvents used in wood finishing, so there is no risk of glue spots spoiling your final finish. Viscosity is a function of temperature, and ranges from rather thick above 75F, to very runny at higher temperatures. Glue viscosity is best above 120F.Do not dilute or heat above 160F. Apply to clean and dry surfaces and apply pressure for at least 12 hours. Complete bond is reached after 24 hours.Old Brown Glue has a normal shelf life of one year stored at room temperature, longer if refrigerated. The gel point for this modified animal protein glue/liquid hide glue is about 75F.

The Real Wood Bible, Book - $19.95

The Real Wood Bible is the complete illustrated guide to choosing and using 100 decorative woods! Learn more about the wood you regularly use and discover the benefits of species you haven't previously considered. Find out how trees are converted into boards and veneer, how some remarkable natural effects occur, and what types of wood can be bought from sustainable sources. Packed with advice on buying and storing lumber, this beautifully illustrated guide includes a picture gallery that will insipre, and an authoritative Wood Directory that features a photograph of each wood in detail and to scale. Softcover.Technical Details:A comprehensive and fascinating resource for anyone who enjoys working with wood.Written by Nick Gibbs.256 pages.Includes a comprehensive A-Z guide to the world's most popular woods and information on sustainability, including key issues and certifying bodies.Nick Gibbs is a former editor of Woodworker magazine, writer, editor and woodcarver.Table of Contents:Introduction: page 6Sustainability: page 12Buying Woods: page 16Trees to Boards: page 22Storing Lumber: page 30Wood Directory/How to Use This Book: page 34Wood Selector: page 37Principal Woods: page 42Secondary Woods: page 206Special Effects: page 230Glossary: page 250Index: page 252

Rockler Classic Rolling Library Ladder - Wood Kits - $299.99

Build your own customized rolling ladder system! Safely reach the highest shelves in your library, wine cellar, workshop or other out-of-reach spaces while adding a classic look to your home. You'll find our prices are competitive and the quality of our hardware is unmatched. Detailed plan supplied with hardware kit. Use our Ladder Design Wizard to customize your own ladder system to your application and preference. After selecting your options and features, you will obtain a Bill of Materials that is your guide for ordering.With our new wood ladder kits, building your own rolling library ladder is truly as easy as 1, 2, 3 '' sand, finish, and assemble. All parts are cut, shaped, bullnosed, dadoed and drilled to accept the corresponding Library Ladder Hardware (sold separately). The ladder kits are available in three heights: 8' , 9' and 10'; and in three wood species: oak, cherry and maple, all fully machined from clear, carefully selected lumber. Each kit includes a 1-1/4" wooden top spindle, or you can purchase a decorative aluminum spindle (#49958) separately if you wish.

General Finishes Wood Stain - Mahogany - $8.99

General Finishes wood stains are made from the highest quality oils, resins, and pigments to ensure your finishing project will be an easy and rewarding experience.

Liberon Burnishing Cream - $25.99

Designed to clean, revive and rejuvenate highly polished surfaces such as French polishes, lacquers and varnishes. Also use to remove haze and water bloom marks.Technical Details:Easy to use: Shake well, apply with lint-free cloth, allow to dry, then buff with a clean cotton cloth.Remove wax from surface prior to use.After burnishing the surface, protect and enhance your furniture using Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax, available in a wide range of colors.Burnishing cream will not soften hard finish, lift veneer or change color of the finish.8 oz. (250 ml.)

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