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Repair it with Mr. Grip Furniture Repair Kit - $4.99

Repair loose rungs on chairs or restore worn screw holes, etc .Repair loose rungs on chairs or restore worn screw holes, etc. Cut product to size with scissors, place over dowel end and push into place. For screws, cut to fit in hole lengthwise and then insert screw. Furniture repair kit #33118 contains 8 pieces measuring 1/4" x 4" . Screw hold kit #33126 contains 8 pieces 3/4" x 2" . Pieces are thin metal sheets with sharp teeth on both sides.

High Pressure Glue Injector - $27.99

Make easy repairs, firm up joints and handle delicate assemblies with this micro-tipped glue applicator. Great for crafts and hobbies, it maintains pressure up to 600 psi for incredible dispensing power. Works to repair/reglue furniture joints, veneer, laminates, musical instruments and more.Use with water based glues.Includes solid brass nozzle with 1/32" opening.Additional nozzles also available.

Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover for Plastics, 8 oz. - $9.99

Use Novus #3 Heavy Scratch Remover to remove deep scratches and abrasions that are too severe to be removed with Novus #2. Whether you're removing sanding marks from your acrylic pens, restoring a scratched Corian countertop, automobile headlamps, motorcycle windshield or an acrylic aquarium, Novus #3 provides the abrasive power to reveal a clean, unblemished surface. Simply use a soft cloth to polish with firm back-and-forth strokes at right angles to the scratches, using plenty of Novus #3. Works with nearly any acrylic material. Final removal of fine scratches requires Novus #2 Fine Scratch Remover (58280, sold separately). Use Novus #1 Clean and Shine (55695, sold separately) for a final polish. Restores solid surface countertops, sinks, motorcycle and snowmobile windshields, helmet visors, boat windows, fiberglass, automobile headlamps and interiors, aquariums and other plastic and acrylic productsRemoves scratches rather than fillingNot recommended for use on eyeglass lenses, polycarbonate or coated plastics Also ideal for use on the following (among many others): PlexiglassLexanLucitePalsunAcrylitePolygalMakrolonVivak

Fein 1-3/8'' Hose Repair Kit (Tool End) - $39.99

This repair kit lets you replace the coupling at the tool end of your Fein vacuum hose or hose extension. It works with the standard 1-3/8'' (35mm) hose on the Fein Turbo I and Turbo II vacuums (#52876 and #58694, sold separately).

Squeeeeek No More Floor Squeak Repair Kit - $22.99

Put a stop to creaks and squeaks in your floor with the Squeeeeek No More Kit from O'Berry Enterprises. The system is simple: use the included tripod guide and driver to drill a special scored screw through the flooring and into a joist. Then use the guide to snap off the screw head. The shank of the screw holds the flooring firmly against the joist to eliminate squeaks, and it snaps off below the surface of the flooring, leaving a totally invisible fix in carpet, and only a small hole to fill on hardwood floors. In no time at all, your floors will squeak no more.Features:Includes a unique joist finder screw for locating your joists.Works on carpeted, hardwood and linoleum floors-even Berber carpets.Additional scored screws are available below.

Hinge Dowel Repair Kit - $2.49

Firm up worn hinge screw holes, fix mistakes, or replace missing screws in a jiffy with this Hinge Dowel Repair Kit! Designed for 35mm European cabinet hinges, you get eight #6 x 1/2" dowel screws and eight 8mm plastic dowels that are inserted into loose holes to provide a tight grip that keeps your hinge tight to your cabinet door.Technical Details:Firms up loose screw holes for 35mm European cabinet hinges Makes an ideal replacement for missing hinge screws

Liberon Repair, Renovate, Revive Kit - $65.99

It's easy to keep the furniture and woodwork in your home looking beautiful! This handy kit includes everything you need to repair, renovate and revive small surface damage. Enables you to remove white ring marks, remove sticky wax buildup and spray polishes, fill nail holes and deep scratches, and remove superficial scratches from polished or varnished surfaces.Contains three retouch crayons (mixed colors), 150ml Black Bison Fine Paste Wax (clear), 125ml Ring Remover, 250ml Wax and Polish Remover, and four multi-purpose steel wool pads (grade 0000).Retouch crayons disguise deep scratches on most finished surfaces. Ideal for filling scratches, nail holes, worm holes, etc. in furniture and other woodwork.Black Bison Fine Paste Wax nourishes and protects all types of wood. Works great protecting a lacquer/French Polish.Ring Remover removes white marks made by water and heat on most highly polished surfaces, including French Polishes, lacquers, varnishes and modern hard finishes.Wax and Polish Remover removes wax and grime, and cleans all interior wood. Will not lift veneers or raise the grain, making it suitable for even the most delicate surfaces.Multi-purpose steel wool pads allow you to clean, prepare and maintain wood and metal surfaces. Ideal for cutting down between coats of paint and varnish, removing paint and dirt from glass, cleaning and polishing metals, applying wax polish, and applying solvents and cleaners.Comes with detailed instructions.Please note that this item can be shipped only by UPS Ground to addresses within the continental United States.

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