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Luau Newlywed Game Questions - $6.95

Our Luau Newlywed Game questions Luau party game asks: How well do you know your Luau Party Mate? This is one of our funniest Hawaiian Luau party ideas! We've posed newlywed questions and answers for the couples among your group to attempt. The fun comes from the differences between what one partner thinks the other will say and their actual responses. It's one of the funniest Hawaiian luau party games available and just as good for the audience as the players!

Beach Party Theme Gift Exchange - $6.95

Beach Party Theme Gift Exchange is the classic White Elephant gift exchange game, with sun, sand and selfishness! Have everybody choose a gift, then take turns drawing cards. Follow the instructions to exchange gifts, if you dare. Your Luau party will never be the same again... A great choice of Hawaiian Luau party games.

Luau Left-Right Game - $6.95

Luau Activities Left-Right Game. Make sure you choose the RIGHT Hawaiian Luau party games and your guests will be LEFT in stitches! A silly, funny Luau party gift exchange game that's a great addition to your Hawaiian Luau party ideas.

Luau Party Games Pack - $19.95

Looking for fun Hawaiian Luau party ideas? Our printable Hawaiian Luau Party Games Pack is the perfect cocktail of frothy, beach-themed fun. Luau games include Moo-Luau Mad Libs, Lei It On Me Ice-Breaker, Luau Printable Paper Dolls, Beach Party Theme gift exchange game, Luau Newlywed Game, Survival of the Fittest, Pin the Parrot on the Pirate, Fast Food Trivia, Hawaii Five-O Trivia and much more.

Printable Party Games Pack - $19.95

If you're looking for fun party games, then this pack is truly superb value! Our printable Party Games Pack has more than 30 games, with a bit of something for every home party games occasion. Includes gift exchange, trivia, ice-breaker games, sports games and much more.

Luau Games Moo-Luau Mad Libs - $6.95

Luau Games Moo-Luau Mad Libs asks the question: Can YOU speak in Moo? This funny do-together word substitution game's a laugh riot and a great choice of Hawiian Luau party games! Everybody chooses alternative words without peeking, fills in the blanks and then reads their version of the Moo-Luau story alound. Luau party laughs are guaranteed!

Luau Games: Lei It On Me - $6.95

Luau Games: Lei It On Me. This Hawaiian Luau party game's a superb ice-breaker! Everybody takes turns drawing cards and filling them in. Every person who correctly guesses the identity of a card writer receives a Lei. The most Leis at the end of the game wins. A great choice of Hawaiian Luau games for a mixed age group.

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